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Renée Stewart

Renée Stewart is a self-taught, mixed media artist based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan creating multi-dimensional, layered art that is attractive to the eye, evokes emotion with vibrant color and texture, and created in such a way that leaves each piece open for interpretation.

From a very young age Renée has had a passion for art. Her inspiration comes from empty spaces that need to be filled with color. Her expression of art has been shown in the staging of homes, retail store staging, and in clothing. It was when she moved to the Big Island of Hawaii that her creativity was ignited in unexpected ways. Renée worked in a gallery in Hawaii having her first experience of displaying and selling her art amongst many emerging and renowned artists in the gallery. The diversity of artist cultures moulded and melded together is what inspired and created her art as you see it today.

Renée sees the world in color and is inspired by every day experiences and ideas.




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