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Autumn Landscape
October 18 - 20th, 2019
Friday 6-9pm, Saturday 9am-4pm, Sunday 12-4pm
McClure United Church, 4025 Taylor St E, Saskatoon
$325.00 plus tax
Oil and acrylic painters welcome

Revel in the warm tones of painting the autumn landscape. Learn to mix those tricky oranges and reds without creating mud! And as with all my courses, learn to use value sketches and notans to create a successful design with a compelling light and shadow pattern. You’ll also learn how to deal with trees, as they begin to shed their leafy foliage and expose their bare branches and structure. Many students struggle to maintain a sense of form and volume when painting bare trees – and begin to dread it. But I’ll teach you how to see and handle them without fear – you’ll begin to love painting them as much as I do!

Cheryl Peddie is a full-time artist and art instructor who has been painting in oil for over 20 years. In 2015, Cheryl began painting plein air (painting outdoors, on location). It opened her eyes to a new way of seeing and living as an artist. Plein air is now an integral part of Cheryl’s portfolio, and she uses her studies to inform and inspire her studio work. Her paintings have been commissioned by the Rocky View Foundation, and the Western Communities Foundation. Cheryl’s work is available at the Bluerock Gallery in Black Diamond, AB, Lineham House Galleries in Okotoks, AB and at Galleria Inglewood, in Calgary. She is an awarded member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. Most recently, Cheryl was accepted as one of 30 artists juried into the 2019 Hockaday Museum Glacier Plein Air Festival in Montanta. Her fall shows this year will feature many of the paintings she will create there. Visit her website at for her art show, gallery and instruction.

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Distress Tags Sampler Class

Saturday, November 16th, 2019
1:00-4:00 pm
$45.00 plus tax

This Distress Sampler class is an introduction to Distress Spray Stains and Distress Oxide Sprays. We will embrace the art of “Grunge” and Distress. Participants will create 3 tags that are filled with texture and layers.

Sheryl Schmidt is a published artist.She’s teaches classes province wide. Sheryl loves to get dirty while creating Grunge art. She loves taking something new and shiny and turning it in to something full of texture and dimension. She’s passionate about adding recycled elements to her art and nothing makes her happier than giving new life to well loved items.

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Acrylic Paint Pouring Sampler Class
Facilitator: LORI DUNCALFE
Saturday November 23rd
1:30-4:00 pm
$50.00 plus tax

Acrylic paint pouring is a fun, relaxing way to create your own unique piece of art. Through interactive demonstration we will address frequently asked questions regarding mixture viscosity, additives, cells, basic color theory as well as tips and tricks to improve your pour results. You will create two 6x6 tiles using a flip cup technique as well as an 8x10 wandering ring pour using Demco acrylics and Golden products. This will be an exciting class, but we could get messy! Wear your painting clothes!

Materials included

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Open Studio
Sept. 23 - Nov. 25th (Mondays)
7:00-9:30 pm

This class is designed for people who have some painting experience. There will be a still-life set up for those who are interested, but class members may also work from their own imagination, or their own photographs. There will be discussions about colour theory and all the principles of art and design as the class progresses. Degen offers encouragement and practical information, and makes suggestions about the paintings being created.

Degen Lindner is a practicing artist and teacher. Her works range from drawing and painting the figure to landscapes and abstracts. She has had her work commissioned and has participated in numerous individual and group shows. Degen has a Masters of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Education. She teaches through the Continuing and Distance Education Program through the University of Sask., has been an instructor for the Mendel Art Gallery in Saskatoon, and has taught for the Community Arts Program and the Emma Lake Workshops for many years. Degen has also had a lengthy association with the Emma Lake Artists’ Workshops.

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Introduction to Painting
Instructor: JEAN DUDLEY
Sept. 24 - Nov. 12 (Tuesdays)
6:30-9:00 pm (8 classes)

The elements of art: line, shape, form, space, texture, value and colour will be explored using a reduced palette.  We will focus on a particular element each night while painting a still life.  Brushes, mediums, surfaces and composition will be discussed. The focus of the class is to become comfortable using paint and brushes. The needs of each student will help form the direction of the course. Acrylic paint will be the medium used for teaching purposes. If you prefer to use another type of paint, please consult the instructor prior to class start.

As an adult Jean Dudley has always drawn and painted and been involved with various art forms, one leading to another and another. In the last 10 years she has found the wonders of oil paint, and has strayed very little from that path. She prefers to paint outside, in nature, and the loss of Kenderdine Campus still haunts her to this day.

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Abstract Painting
Instructor: ANNE MCELROY
Sept 25 - Nov. 13 (Wednesdays)
6:30-9:00 pm (8 classes)
$300.00 + tax
Limit 8 per class

The purpose of this class is to actively encourage exploration and the freedom which comes from simplifying the subject matter or breaking away from it. Although the class will begin as painting on a two dimensional surface, Anne welcomes you to take liberties. The first and last classes will be introductory and personal choice, and the remaining six classes will focus on subject matter which is, at first defined, then later expanded on and personalized. There will be classes devoted to Still Life, Landscape, Portraiture, Music, Found Object, Mixed Media... something for everyone. You will find Anne flexible and supportive in your quest to challenge yourselves with abstract painting.

Anne has been an abstract painter for many years dabbling also in a variety of alternative media: clay, fibre, pen, book-making, and jewellery-making. Paintings are abstracted from what she sees in her personal surroundings, landscapes and her responses to music. She has written, illustrated and hardbound two childrens’ books and most recently finished a book for an adult audience about animal welfare issues called Bewildered by Loss ....Working to Better Their Lives. Her educational background is an MFA and MEd which have allowed her to teach, mentor and be involved in workshops and adjudications.

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Figure Drawing
Instructor: CAROL WYLIE
September 26th – November 14th (Thursdays)
6:30-9:00 pm
$325.00 plus tax (8 classes)
Limit 8 per class

The human figure is one of the most challenging and rewarding subjects to draw. Learn some basic anatomy, how to strengthen your accuracy in rendering the figure, and how to build 3-dimensional form in a 2-dimensional space. Capturing personality, as well as development of a personal style of working will be discussed. A clothed model will be used for some of the sessions.

Carol Wylie is a figurative and portrait painter whose studio practice includes drawing and painting. She holds a BFA from the University of Saskatchewan and an MFA from the Vermont College of Fine Arts. She works in Learning and Engagement for Remai Modern Art Gallery and teaches drawing and painting classes for the University of Saskatchewan Certificate of Art and Design program. Carol was artist in residence at the Canadian Light Source synchrotron in 2007, where she created the triptych “First Light”. Carol was also a finalist in the 2015 Kingston Portrait Prize.

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Watercolour Painting
Sept. 28 - Nov. 23 (Saturdays)
$300.00 plus tax (8 classes)
Limit 8 per class

Students will become familiar with the materials and techniques of painting with watercolour. Use of the paint, brushes, papers and colour theory along with fundamentals of composition will be covered and subject matter that lends itself well to painting with the watercolour medium will be presented. Experienced painters are also welcome to join the class.

Alison Montgomery is a Saskatoon artist who has been capturing the Saskatchewan landscape using watercolour on paper for over twenty-five years. She is a recently retired high school teacher who taught visual arts in the Saskatoon Public School District for thirty-one years. She studied at the University of Saskatchewan, graduating with a Bachelor of Education in 1984 with a major in Art and History, and recently completed a Masters in Adult Education/Lifelong Learning.  Alison has had many solo shows and group exhibitions as a gallery artist with the Pacific Gallery, Saskatoon from 1995-2012. Alison’s work is represented in numerous corporate and private collections.

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New Golden MIXED Media
Sunday October 6th
10:00 am-12:00 pm

A lecture for all levels, beginners to experienced painters, mixed media artist to journal artists……ideas for all of you.

This seminar covers a wide variety of tools and techniques for use in Mixed Media projects. Learn about the wide range of GOLDEN Acrylic paints and mediums, as well as QoR Watercolor, giving you a good understanding of each product and their different attributes. Learn how to make the right choices in grounds and colors for the best intended application and for archival quality. Learn what to put under paint, and how to create washes, stains, and collage. We also cover the use of stencils, paint markers, pastels, and pencils, as well as the creation of encaustic-like effects, and how to use Iridescent and Interference colors to add unique qualities to your work. This is a great place for beginners and experienced artists alike to learn new techniques and be inspired by innovative applications. Attendees will receive a selection of the products discussed to take home and explore the breadth and depth of GOLDEN’s professional product line.

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New Golden WATER Media
Sunday October 6th
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Information for Traditional Watercolors, Beginners, Experienced Painters, Journal Artists and Mixed Media Artists, anyone and everyone.

Discover the wide range of GOLDEN paints that are fluid in motion: High Flow, Fluid Colors, and QoR Watercolor. Learn how to make the best archival choices from a collection of products. Beginning with traditional watercolor techniques using QoR Watercolor, we move into more contemporary ideas including using GOLDEN products in journaling. This will include an assortment of applications such as: pouring, staining, granulation, blooms, splash, and “white-out” tricks for saving that uncooperative watercolor painting. We will then work with QoR Watercolors in combination with GOLDEN Acrylics to explore the resoluability of watercolor and the permanence of acrylics. Finally, attendees will learn how to take advantage of GOLDEN and QoR Grounds to create myriad surfaces for their work: from paper-like surfaces with the QoR Grounds, to utilizing unique substrates such as wood panels, fabrics, and plastics with GOLDEN Grounds. Finally, we will cover the options of Archival Varnishing of watercolor surfaces, for preservation without using glass. Attendees will receive a selection of the products discussed to take home and explore the breadth and depth of GOLDEN’s professional product line.

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